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A Time to Feast

Whether you’re feeling ravenous or just a little peckish, there's something to fill your belly with at 313@somerset’s Food Festival, happening now till Aug 31. This month, the mall invites you to take a gastronomic journey and savour all the tasty and trending eats!

Scroll down to begin your foodie journey at 313@somerset. Select from a wide variety of choices: Restaurant, Café, Food Court, Fast Food, Takeaway and Food Specialties, and we'll pull up the search results for you. Click on a desired eatery and find out what’s popular, new or on promotion. And if it comes with a FavePay icon, it means you can earn 15% cashback when you pay for your meals with FavePay!

With the food festival upon us, there's lots to celebrate — not just for the sheer diversity in mouth-watering choices, but the fab perks and promotions available this month.

It's just too irresistible – this Food Fest @313. Happy eating!

Get More Bang For Your Buck

Besides 15% cashback entitlements with FavePay, take advantage of the exclusive F&B deals on 313's Facebook page. And, while enjoying your foodie adventures at the mall, you will also be rewarded with Lendlease vouchers when you spend $180 at 313 ($150 for Lendlease Plus members).

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T&Cs apply. Visit www.313@somerset.com.sg for more information.

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Brotzeit® German Bier Bar & Restaurant - 01-27
Brotzeit® German Bier Bar & Restaurant

Love sausages? Head to Brotzeit® and dig into a Sausage Platter ($39++), featuring the bestselling Spicy Chicken, Nürnberger, Pork Cheese, Weißwurst and Thüringen sausages. Otherwise, share a fun Sausage Tower With Pretzel (from $32++) featuring metre-long link sausages in your choice of Farmer’s Sausage (pork) or Smoked Chicken Cheese Sausage, with a side of Bavarian pretzels and specialty mustards. Wash your meat-laden meal down with a pint of premium German beer for a truly authentic German dining experience!

Chabuton - B2-01

Head to noodle joint Chabuton and order the signature Tonkotsu Ramen ($12.90++), created by Japan’s TV Champion “King of Ramen” Yasuji Morizumi. The highlight of the dish is the creamy pork bone broth that’s brewed for hours to release its rich flavours. It’s served with springy egg noodles, bamboo shoots, Japanese leek and a large slice of cha shu.

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory - B3-05/06
Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

Nothing beats stress like a comforting meal of sweet-and-savoury Honey Butter Chicken ($28.90++) from Chir Chir. Sink your teeth into crispy boneless fried chicken, potato wedges and topokki (Korean rice cakes) tossed in honey butter seasoning, garnished with almond flakes and dried cranberries. For something a little more filling, try the Cheesy Dakgalbi ($32.90++), featuring juicy chunks of spicy roast chicken thigh meat and topokki served with shredded mozzarella on a hotplate.

CoCoICHIBANYA - B3-25 to 27

Enjoy Japanese curry rice the way you like it at CoCoICHIBANYA, where you can customise your level of spiciness, rice portion, toppings and sauces. The bestseller here is undoubtedly Omelet Pork Cutlet ($16.70++) — the heavenly match of a crispy pork cutlet with soft omelette drenched in tantalising Japanese curry. Another crowd favourite is the Scrambled Egg Curry with Fried Chicken ($15.70++) — flavourful chicken bites that sit in the signature curry sauce.

Encik Tan - B3-39/40
Encik Tan

Tuck into savoury halal-certified local fare at Encik Tan, such as the Wanton Noodle ($4), featuring egg noodles accompanied with chicken wantons and slices of chicken char siew. Add $2 and make it a set with an additional plate of fried wantons. Other must-tries include the Claypot Rice ($5.50) served with tender chicken chunks and salted fish, or a comforting bowl of Soup Pan Mee ($5) — traditional egg noodles freshly cooked together with the classic pairing of minced chicken, stewed mushrooms, Chinese spinach and egg, all drenched in a fragrant anchovy broth.

Haidilao Hot Pot - 04-23/24
Haidilao Hot Pot

Enjoy your favourite hot pot at Haidilao with the all-new Bai-Yu broth made with a fine selection of ingredients. Haidilao-Styled Bai-Yu Soup Base ($23++) is a literal melting pot of chicken, pork, fish bones, tofu and wolfberries. Combined with your favourite meats, seafood and veggies, this flavourful soup sure sounds soul-lifting.

Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen - B3-35/36
Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen

Enjoy the authentic flavours of Hokkaido in a piping hot bowl of halal ramen from Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen. We love the smoky nuances of Hokkai-Jigoku Smoked Duck Ramen ($15.90++), featuring thick noodles topped with roasted duck, seasoned bamboo shoots, shredded white leek, corn, black fungus and a special homemade chilli paste. The Ichikokudo Ramen «Regular Rich» ($10.90++) is an all-time classic — light yet full of flavour made with springy noodles from a special blend of Hokkaido-flour, and topped with chicken chashu, seasoned egg, seasoned bamboo shoots, shredded white leek and spinach.

JiBiru Japanese Craft Beer Bar - 01-26
JiBiru Japanese Craft Beer Bar

Pair a thirst-quenching mug of Japanese craft beer with a side of JiBiru’s signature Yakitori Platter Set ($36.50++), which includes 12 sticks of assorted Negima, Tsukune, Yakiton, Bara, Bacon & Tomato, Shiitake or Naga-Negi. For a carbo-kick, try the delicious Mentaiko Spaghetti ($11.80++) oozing with buttery-spicy cod roe sauce and a side of grilled bacon. Oishii!

Marché Mövenpick - 01-39/40
Marché Mövenpick

Savour a mouth-watering bite of Marché Mövenpick's XXXL Schnitzel ($16.90+) – a succulent and crispy choice of either chicken, pork or beef, served with creamy potato salad and a side of tangy lingonberry jam. Enjoy it at 20% off from now till 15 Aug. While stocks last.

Masizzim - B3-02

For a taste of traditional Korean fare, head to Massizim for its flavourful stews and meat-laden dishes. Get some Shabu-Shabu (from $17.90++ to $32.90++) served with Pork, Beef or Premium Wagyu Beef, and assorted mushrooms, vegetables, ramyeon plus dipping sauces. Choose the Non-Spicy soup for its sweeter flavour, or opt for Spicy if you desire more kick. Love ribs? Then try King's Ribs ($16.90++) featuring tender, slow-cooked beef ribs, stir-fried with capsicum, red dates and sesame seeds.

Nipong Naepong - B3-03/04
Nipong Naepong

Nipong Naepong specialises in serving jjamppong dishes made with chewy jjolmyeon (wheat noodles) and sauces that take inspiration from all parts of Asia. Fire up your palate with some Tom Yum Ppong ($14.80++), a creamy tom yum jjamppong featuring assorted seafood and jjolmyeon; or tease your tastebuds with the Spicy Keu Risotto ($15.80++), cooked with Nipong Naepong's own Keu cream sauce, chilli oil, mussels, prawn, squid and spinach.

NY Night Market - 01-29
NY Night Market

Hailing from Seoul, NY Night Market brings to Singapore a taste of cosmopolitan markets in New York where one can find a wide array of international street foods, as well as exciting Western fusion delights with a unique Korean touch. Try the Hot Plate Bibimbap ($14.90++), served on an iron hotplate, topped with pretty rows of crabstick, fried egg strips, minced beef, cheese, kimchi, diced cucumber, flying fish roe and a raw quail egg yolk. Meat lovers will enjoy the Waterfall Cheese Steak ($16.90++), featuring sautéed beef cubes, cherry tomatoes and broccoli in BBQ sauce, black pepper and chilli oil, served with a cascade of cheese fondue sauce.

Privé - 01-28

If you've been dying to try the Impossible Burger, here’s your chance. Privé now serves a vegan-friendly Truffled Mushroom Swiss Plant-Based Burger ($21++) with your choice of Impossible™ Meat or Beyond Meat patty. Seared on a grill to lock in its juicy flavours, the burger is layered with creamy field mushrooms, wild rocket, caramelised onions, vegan Swiss cheese sauce and truffle mayonnaise. If that’s too green for you, there’s always the beloved Nasi Goreng ($20++), featuring Indo-style aromatic fried rice paired with a side of robust chicken satay, peanut sauce, chicken curry, sunny side-up egg and prawn crackers.

Saboten - B2-02/03

Chomp down on yummy tonkatsu at Saboten, which serves a wide variety of light and crispy panko-coated creations from succulent pork loin to chicken and seafood. From now till Aug 31, enjoy the limited-edition Ebi Katsu Tenderloin Gozen ($28++), that combines a juicy-sweet and crunchy diced prawn patty served with homemade tartar sauce, and a slab of signature loin katsu. Great for those who love meat and seafood, the Saboten Special Gozen ($27++) is a tasting platter comprising a Half Loin Katsu, Mini Tenderloin Katsu, Fried Shrimp and Crab Cream Croquette.

Sora Boru - B3-19/20
Sora Boru

If the mere mention of beef excites you, then dig into the wallet-friendly beef donburi bowls here. The star attraction is the Snow Beef Don ($13.50), featuring flame-grilled beef slices draped over rice and vegetables, topped with drizzles of creamy cheese sauce and a shower of grated parmesan cheese. For a spicy kick, try the Volcano Beef Don ($13.50), made with spicy sauce trickling down a towering pile of flame-grilled beef slices, rice, and a choice of cabbage or beansprouts.

Sushi Express - B3-28/29
Sushi Express

Devour all the conveyor belt sushi you want from as little as $1.50++ a plate at Sushi Express. New to the menu are the all-new Cod Fish Wrap ($1.50++), lightly battered and fried till golden-brown, served with fresh cabbage and spicy mayo, and the Salted Egg Chirashizushi ($1.50++), comprising sashimi of salmon and shrimp topped with salted egg yolk sauce on a bed of sushi rice. For a little more, you can enjoy the Aburi Wagyu Sushi ($3++), featuring melt-in-your-mouth premium torched wagyu beef, or the Mini Salmon Kaisen Don ($3++) that combines salmon sashimi, grilled salmon belly and aburi salmon, all generously topped with salmon ikura.

TAN YU - B3-30 to 32

Available in more than 70 major cities in China with over 200 outlets, TAN YU specialises in tantalising grilled fish dishes that use a variety of cooking methods with 12 kinds of flavours to tickle your taste buds. Some of the more popular flavours include Soy Sauce, Green Pepper and ChongQing Beancurd grilled fish.

Tok-Tok - B3-10

Savour warung-style Indonesian cuisine at Tok-Tok, which serves popular soup dishes and street snacks like Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup) and Soto Betawi (Jakarta Beef Soup). For your main course, indulge in the Nasi Campur Bali, featuring Balinese-style beef rendang, shredded chicken, sliced beef, fried tempeh, stir-fried long beans and beef skewers served with a dollop of homemade sambal. End your meal on a sweet note with Es Cendol, an icy treat topped with jackfruit, pandan jelly, Javanese palm sugar and coconut milk.

Trattoria Italian Kitchen - 01-16/17
Trattoria Italian Kitchen

Tuck into homemade pastas and pizzas, freshly baked bread, made-from-scratch soups and tasty desserts at Trattoria Italian Kitchen. All-time favourites include the Pizza Margherita ($17.90++), made with mozzarella and basil, and Tagliatelle Lobster ($28.90++), featuring pan-seared Boston Lobster in a creamy tomato sauce.

YAYOI Japanese Restaurant - B3-33/34
YAYOI Japanese Restaurant

Have a well-balanced meal at YAYOI, known for its teishoku offerings that pair a Japanese main dish with fluffy Japanese short-grain rice, miso soup and side dishes. Try the classic Miso Katsu Teishoku ($15.90++), which features golden fried pork loin served in savoury miso paste and topped with a runny egg. Enjoy it with unlimited rice refills.


Awfully Chocolate - 02-50
Awfully Chocolate

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with a choc-laden treat from Awfully Chocolate. For banana fans, indulge in a comforting slice of Chocolate Banana Cake ($38), moist dark chocolate cake with two layers of freshly-mashed pisang mas. Other signature treats include the good-for-every-occasion All Chocolate Cake, made with moist layers of dark chocolate and airy sponge, plus a delish cup of Hei Ice Cream, a luscious dessert churned with Belgian Chocolate and 100% Dutch fresh milk.

Bao Today - 01-25B
Bao Today

Take a break from the daily grind and enjoy al fresco dining at this popular dim sum café offering more than 30 types of Chinese delicacies. From freshly-baked meat buns to tasty dumplings, and rice dishes like Teriyaki Salmon Fillet Rice, the eatery offers a culinary experience that's tasty yet easy on the wallet.

Ben & Jerry's - 01-25/25A
Ben & Jerry's

There’s always space for a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream treat! For waffle lovers, try the Double Belgian Waffle ($17.90). This freshly baked Belgian waffle comes with not one, but two flavours of ice cream topped with hot fudge or caramel sauce, as well as fresh whipped cream and sprinkles. Indulge in this euphoric treat today!

Café de Paris - B1-37
Café de Paris

If there's an almost guilt-free dessert worth trying, it’s the Sweet Bonbon (from $13.80) at Café de Paris. Delight in this refreshing, easy-on-the-waistline sorbet, topped with your choice of fresh fruits and non-dairy whipped cream imported from Korea. For tea lovers, the quaint open-concept café offers an impressive selection of Specialty Teas including Earl Grey, Mint, Wild Berry, Chamomile and Jasmine Green Tea. Pair your cuppa with a slice of cake of your choice in the Specialty French Tea and Cake Combo Set ($16.40).

CHICHA San Chen - 03-41

Can’t get enough of bubble tea? Make a stop at Taiwan’s CHICHA San Chen, which is known for blending its traditional tea (brewed with a special Teaspresso machine) with milk or juice to create unique flavours. Bestsellers include Bubble Milk Tea ($4.50), made with in-house formulated cream topped with larger-than-usual caramel-flavoured bubbles; Cassia Black Tea with Mousse ($4.70), that has a full-bodied toasty flavour, and Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Bubble ($5), made with decadent brown sugar caramel, fresh milk and brown sugar bubbles.

Dosirak - B2-15

Create the perfect Bibimbap meal at Dosirak by choosing your own mains, sides, bases and sauces. Try the Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap ($9.90), featuring juicy, slow-cooked beef in a classic pear-sweetened marinade, served on fluffy Korean rice, and accompanied by your choice of five vegetable sides. Another cult fave is the spicy, savoury, tangy and creamy Kimchi Tofu Bibimbap ($7.90), prepared with delicious homemade kimchi and high-grade premium tofu, and served with your choice of five vegetable sides and Korean rice.

HAAKON Superfoods and Juice - B2-14 & 53/53A
HAAKON Superfoods and Juice

Embody the Scandinavian lifestyle by enriching your body with nutrient-packed meals at HAAKON, a café that serves a variety of salads, protein-filled grain bowls, open-faced sandwiches, freshly-pressed juices and healthy acai bowls. The star dish here is the Mentaiko Fish & Quinoa Bowl ($15.90), made with grilled dory fillet, seared mentaiko mayo, tobiko (fish roe), broccoli, baby corn and quinoa.

O'ma Spoon - 04-20 & 32
O'ma Spoon

Perk up with a frosty bowl of milk snow bingsu at this contemporary Korean dessert café. If you love mango, then you’re in for a treat as O’ma Spoon now has a complete mango-themed menu to enjoy. Check out the Yogo Mango Bingsu ($18.90), featuring a mixture of mangoes and strawberries plus Greek honey yogurt on fluffy milk-flavoured shaved ice.

Starbucks - 02-38/39 and 51

Make the most of the National Day festivities by enjoying uniquely Singaporean flavours at Starbucks. From shiok eats like Hainanese Chicken Rice Quinoa Salad and Laksa Croissant Bowl, to the adorable Starbucks wafer cheesecake renditions of the iconic Singaporean ice cream sandwich, plus a new Shiok-ah-ccino Frappuccino, there’s something for every patriotic Singaporean to relish.

Toast Box - B2-31/32
Toast Box

Celebrate our nation’s 54th birthday with limited-edition roll cakes at Toast Box. 'Let The Good Times Roll' stars Kaya Coco Roll ($2.20), made with fragrant kaya, grated coconut and gula melaka, and Kopi Gao Gao Roll ($2.20), an aromatic coffee sponge cake bundled up with luscious coffee custard cream. Make it a set with a cup of Medium Hot Kopi or Teh for just $4.30. For a limited time only. While stocks last.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast - 01-32 to 34
Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Start your day with a traditional Kaya Toast with Butter Set ($4.80) from Ya Kun. This humble meal consists of crunchy brown toast slathered with the well-loved coconut egg jam, plus runny soft-boiled eggs and Nanyang-flavoured coffee or tea. For something more cosmopolitan, try the Signature Toastwich Series ($4 each) — hot pocket sandwiches filled with Western or Asian fillings like chicken char siew, fish otah, chicken rendang and tuna mayo.

Fast Food

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen - B2-16 to 19
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Sink your teeth into Popeyes’s Cajun Fried Chicken, marinated for at least 12 hours till it’s bursting with bold Louisiana flavours. Enjoy the five-piece Family Bundle ($13.90) — mild or spicy — by mixing and matching your favourite chicken parts. If you prefer the best of both worlds, then order a Chicken & Burger Box ($9.50), that includes a succulent piece of chicken and a crispy chicken burger slathered with your choice of spicy Cajun pepper spread or creamy Creole sauce.

Subway - B3-01

Dine-in or take-out a satisfying six-inch or foot-long sub with toppings of your choice from this halal-certified outlet of Subway. The Subway Melt Set, which comes with a regular soft drink and choice of two cookies, is a hearty option. It’s crammed with slices of turkey ham, chicken ham, crispy turkey bacon, melted cheese and your choice of veg and sauce.


Boost Juice Bars - B3-52
Boost Juice Bars

Grab a fresh smoothie or juice from Boost Juice Bars, filled with the natural goodness of fruits and veggies! And for a limited time only, try the Boost Milo Smoothie ($6.50) — it’s made with the chocolatey-malty goodness of Milo, blended with fresh milk and Boost's low fat strawberry yogurt with live cultures. While stocks last.

BreadTalk® - B2-33

Catch the National Day fireworks on TV while you nibble on locally-made snacks from BreadTalk®. The bakery celebrates Singapore’s 54th Birthday with eight buns inspired by local flavours and dishes. Pick from a variety of yummy options, including Bak Kwa Delight, Curry Chicken, Curry Naan, Laksa Bowl, Merlion's Roar, Otah Oleh, Satay Chicken and Singa Shake from $1.80 each. For durian lovers, BreadTalk® also offers baked goods filled with creamy Mao Shan Wang durian puree, both in crumbly tarts ($1.80 each or $9 for six) or soft buns ($2.30 each or $6 for three).

Duke Bakery - B3-23
Duke Bakery

Enjoy the comforting taste of Duke Bakery’s artisanal breads that incorporate the Japanese style of light and soft bread textures together with a classic European method of baking using yeast from fermented fruits. Try tantalising flavours like Black Goji Precious Green, Taro Beauty and Black & White Knight.

Gong Cha - 01-37
Gong Cha

Whether you're a fan of the traditional Pearl Milk Tea ($3.40) or love sampling new and interesting flavours, Gong Cha offers both for the bubble tea connoisseur. Under the Brown Sugar series, there’s the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Pearl ($4.50), made with swirls of creamy milk and brown sugar syrup loaded with black pearls. For something a little more Insta-worthy, try the Strawberry Taro Latte ($4.50) under the Deluxe Latte Series, which blends fresh milk with tangy strawberries and earthy taro.

Hvala, B3-50

Nothing beats a freshly-whisked cup of premium-grade matcha from Kyoto. Delight in a full-bodied cup of Whisked Yuki Matcha ($5.30), brimming with the mellow vegetal notes and umami fragrance of the premium green tea at this chic Japanese-inflected kiosk. Available both iced and hot.

KOI Express - B3-51
KOI Express

Enjoy the well-loved teas of KOI made with fresh toppings and popular tea blends. Indulge in the classic Golden Bubble Milk Tea ($3.60 Medium, $4.90 Large), and enjoy the rich tea aroma that lingers in each cup, together with chewy golden pearls.

Lalune Croissant, B3-48A
Lalune Croissant

Pair your tea with a deliciously buttery croissant at this croissant stand. For a quick bite, try the Egg Mayo Croissant or Tuna Mayo Croissant, from $4.90 to $5.90, made fresh daily with crisp vegetables. End it off on a sweet note with a Chocolate Lava Cake ($3.50), oozing with warm molten chocolate.

Lixin The Fishball Folks - #B3-43
Lixin The Fishball Folks

Craving something soupy? Head to Lixin The Fishball Folks, which boasts a 50-year legacy in making Teochew fishball noodles. Signatures to look out for are the fishcakes, fish dumplings and fish rolls, which are handmade from yellowtail fish, stuffed with juicy, fragrant pork and assorted vegetables. Also try their bestselling Fishball Noodles Dry ($5.50), well-seasoned mee pok served with a bowl of fishball soup. New to the menu is The Folks Special ($7.80), which combines all the favourites — freshly-made fishballs, fish cake, fish dumplings and the all-new fish rolls — served with your choice of noodles.

Old Chang Kee - B3-24
Old Chang Kee

Decadent crispy treats from Old Chang Kee are the perfect grab-and-go snacks to be enjoyed alone or with your best pals. You can’t go wrong with the all-time favourite Curry'O ($1.50) — a savoury puff filled with curried potatoes, chicken chunks and hard-boiled egg, sealed in a buttery trans-fat-free crust. If you prefer your pastries sweet, then go for the buttery, crispy Kaya Butter Puff ($1.40).

Papa Ayam, B3-49
Papa Ayam

Delight in a variety of traditional Indonesian ayam geprek and sambal (personalised to your spiciness level from 1 to 15), made-to-order at Papa Ayam. The signature dish is the Ayam Geprek Original ($6.90) featuring smashed crispy fried chicken topped with a freshly-made garlic sambal sauce and served with rice, cucumbers and keropok. You can also request for Ayam Geprek Cabe Ijo ($6.90), which uses a milder green chilli for the sambal sauce.

Potato Corner - B3-45
Potato Corner

Known as the "world’s best flavoured fries", Potato Corner from the Philippines generously coats every single stick of potato with seasoning powder via a unique shaking method. Choose from flavours like BBQ, Chilli BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, Cheese, and limited-edition flavours like Wacky Wasabi, Creamy Truffle and Japanese Sweet Corn. Besides the usual shoestring fries, you have the option of ordering the new Loopy Fries ($4.30), available in all flavours to satisfy your curly fries cravings.

Riverside Indonesian BBQ - B3-44
Riverside Indonesian BBQ

The Ayam Panggang Set ($5.80) from Riverside Indonesian BBQ is the perfect meal for big appetites. This grilled chicken dish features a succulent chicken leg marinated in a special Indonesian spiced sauce and grilled to smoky perfection. It’s then glazed with kecap manis and served with fluffy rice, curry sauce and a fried egg. For seafood lovers, try the Ayam & Sotong Panggang Set ($7.50) to enjoy a side of delicious grilled squid.


Get your daily dose of vitamins from the delicious smoothies sold at SF Fruits & Juices. Boost your immunity and brain power with the creamy Avocado Mango Yogurt Smoothie ($6), or improve digestion and keep the flu at bay with antioxidant-rich Blueberry Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie ($7).

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks - B3-50A
Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Enjoy a taste of Taiwan street food at this popular kiosk serving deep-fried favourites like XXL Crispy Chicken and Handmade Oyster Mee Sua. New on the menu is the addictive White Truffle Crispy Mushroom ($5.50), featuring battered enoki mushrooms sprinkled with white truffle-flavoured powder. Top up $2 to complete your meal with a freshly-made drink.

Small Potatoes Ice Creamery - B3-48
Small Potatoes Ice Creamery

Enjoy healthier soft-serve ice cream at Small Potatoes, known for using Hokkaido milk in its sweet potato ice cream flavours, with no additives or sugar syrup. Go for gold with the signature Gold Leaf Ice Cream ($12 per cone), made with your choice of one of Small Potatoes’ signature flavours: Sea Salt, Purple Sweet Potatoes or Mixed, and adorned with an edible gold leaf imported from Japan. We’re told that ingesting gold might be beneficial for the skin and arthritis. You can also choose the platinum leaf, which purportedly improves the digestive system.


Marry a croissant and Japanese-style taiyaki, and you get fluffy, crunchy Taiyaki Croissants (from $3.50) from SOETAMJIAK. These mouth-watering treats don’t just look cute, but also come in a variety of sweet and savoury flavours such as Orh-Nee (Yam), Coconut Gula Melaka, Hawaiian and Cheese, including new flavours like Osaka Custard Cream and Apple Cinnamon. Enjoy a freshly-made piece with Vienna Coffee ($4) or Jasmine Tea Macchiato ($3).

Tuk Tuk Cha - B3-54
Tuk Tuk Cha

Sweeten your day with Tuk Tuk Cha’s delicious desserts and creamy milk teas made with premium tea leaves imported from Thailand. For the sweet-toothed, indulge in a thick slice of buttery Shibuya Toast ($11.80) topped with ice cream and pair it with a rich, fragrant cup of Thai Milk Tea or Thai Green Milk Tea (from $3.50).

umisushi - B3-41

A good place to eat-and-run, umisushi carries a wide range of sushis, sashimis, bentos, udons and salads to satisfy your need for tasty and affordable Japanese eats. The Unagi Bento ($11.70) is a perfectly balanced meal of grilled teriyaki unagi, potato salad, fluffy Japanese rice, pickled vegetables and seasoned seaweed. If you prefer noodles, try the Tori Healthy Soba ($9.90) made with grilled chicken and cold Japanese green tea noodles.

Wow Tako - B3-47
Wow Tako

Every bite of Takoyaki Balls from Wow Tako oozes creamy deliciousness with a chewy centre made with a savoury or sweet filling of your choice. Choose from 12 flavours: Octopus, Prawn, Ham Cheese, Beef Cheese, Chilli Tuna, Salmon, Scallop, Mushroom Cheese, Green Peas & Corn, Pineapple Cheese and Peach Cheese. Prices range from $2.70 for a box of three to $7.20 for 10 pieces.

Wheat Baumkuchen - B3-46
Wheat Baumkuchen

Design your own healthy Japanese bowl filled with nutritious ingredients and a soba or red rice base. There’s the Salmon Poke Soba ($10), with buckwheat noodles adorned with a colourful combo of corn, edamame, cucumber cubes, cherry tomatoes, salmon sashimi cubes, then crowned with a sous vide egg and refreshing yuzu wasabi dressing. Level up your protein intake with the Bull Run Soba ($8) — four pieces of grilled teriyaki chicken thigh on a bed of soba tossed with sesame sauce.

Yolé - B3-55

Beat the heat with Yolé’s limited-edition flavour: Tropical Pineapple Frozen Yogurt. It’s refreshing, tart and pairs well with just about any topping. Prices range from $3.90 for a Baby Cup with one topping, to $6.95 for a Large Ibiza with five toppings. Share the love with your besties with Takeaway Yoléboxes in this new flavour, starting from $13.50 for a 500ml medium box which includes three toppings. Available while stocks last.

Food Specialties

1855 The Bottle Shop - B2-44/45
1855 The Bottle Shop

Be spoilt for choice with 1855 The Bottle Shop’s curated selection of over 1,000 premium wine and spirit labels. Savour the spirit of Singapore, encapsulated in a stylo-mylo bottle of Tanglin Orchid Gin ($115). Having won the prestigious Silver Award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, this gin represents an outstanding made-in-Singapore spirit that shows refinement and finesse, as well as complexity. If you’re looking for a good bottle of red, try the Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 ($55). Fresh and buoyant with a sweet fruitiness followed by complex notes of bay leaf, balsam and dried rosemary, this Australian blend is full of character and personality.

Candy Empire - B2-20 to 23
Candy Empire

From chocolates to delightful bonbons, it’s impossible to say no to sweet indulgences from Candy Empire. Pamper your palates with an assortment of individually-wrapped chocolates by Lacasa Bombones Surtido ($5.80 per box). These made-in-Spain confections comes in three flavours: Milk Chocolate pralines with almond and hazelnut; Soft Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.

Chocolate Origin - B3-10A
Chocolate Origin

Chocolate Origin's Cuppa Lava Cake ($5.50) features the classic pairing of oozy warm chocolate cake and rich vanilla ice cream served in an awesomely convenient cup format. What’s not to like?

Garrett Popcorn Shops® - 01-38
Garrett Popcorn Shops®

Sometimes, all you need is good old-fashioned popcorn from Chicago’s Garrett Popcorn. Enjoy a bag of gourmet goodness using non-GMO kernels that are hot-air popped and enriched with flavour in copper kettles. Garrett signature flavours include the CaramelCrispTM (which can be paired with nuts), CheeseCorn, Buttery (a vegan treat), Plain, or the famous Chicago Mix® which blends the sophisticated sweetness of CaramelCrispTM with the savoury goodness of CheeseCorn. Because good things take time, Garrett Popcorn is hand-crafted in small batches throughout the day for ultimate freshness.


Head to this specialty store selling popular Korean snacks, groceries, authentic ingredients, beverages and more. All-time favourite snacks include the addictive Honey Butter Almonds ($13.70), Yoghurt Almonds ($10.40) and Real Brownie ($4.70).

T2 - 01-20

Move over chamomile, here’s a tea blend from tea atelier T2 that will lull you into a state of nighttime bliss. Sleep Tight Tea (from $17) is a citrusy bedtime essential, made from lemon balm, lavender, jasmine blossoms and rose petals. Its ingredients are said to have calming effects. Make this the first step in your bedtime routine.

Ten Ren's Tea - B3-08
Ten Ren's Tea

Fresh fruit teas are all the rage now and available at Ten Ren’s Tea from Taiwan. New to the menu is the Mango Tango tea series made with freshly-cut cubes of mango blended with Ten Ren’s homegrown Jasmine green tea. The series includes the Mango Green Tea (from $5), Mango Green Tea Latte (from $6.50), and ice-blended Mango Tea Cooler ($6).

Twelve Cupcakes - B3-11
Twelve Cupcakes

The perfect treats to bring to a party, cupcakes ($3.70 each) from Twelve Cupcakes are baked fresh daily and come in a variety of delectable flavours with seasonal creations added regularly to the menu. The bakery also offers other delicious bakes such as fondant cakes and yummy cookies. All the desserts here are halal-certified.

Food Court

Food Republic - 05-01 to 03
Food Republic

Food Republic brings together the best of hawker and restaurant fare under one roof. From hearty pizzas from Pizza World to colourful mala bowls from Piao Xiang Mala and nourishing soups from Soup Guru, the hip food court continues to hand-pick reputable hawkers to showcase the authentic local flavours that people love, while providing an immersive experience for all the senses. This includes the ‘live’ cooking displays at each stall’s open-kitchen concept.